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The AIKOM Year

First Semester

Arrive in Japan
Classes begin

December 25- January 6
Winter break

End of semester
Final exams
Spring vacation
Second Semester

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1) Lectures and seminars, all taught in English, where AIKOM students can study together with Japanese students the dynamics of Japanese culture, society, and political economy in a broad international context.

Two courses (relay lectures and accompanying seminars) are specially designed to bring AIKOM students into contact with many of the faculty members at Komaba. Each week lectures are given by specialists in various fields, and students discuss the topics of these lectures in the seminars during the following week.

AIKOM lectures have included topics such as:
Aspects of Japanese Society
  Dynamics of Japanese Cultural History
  Corporate Value Enhancement Strategy and the Case Study
  Reading Japanese Novels
  Learning from Museum
  The Government and Politics of Japan
  Japan's External Relations

Academic Program Winter Semester 2010/2011
Academic Program Summer Semester 2011

2) Regular courses taught in English for undergraduate students of the upper division at the College of Arts and Sciences.

3) Japanese language courses and other foregin language courses.


Directed independent research courses.
This is a special credit course which allows students to pursue their individual academic interest outside the regular course offerings. Each student can seek advice from a faculty member who is a specialist in the relevant field.

(*It is not always the case that we can find you an appropriate instructor for your interest.)

5) Other regular courses at the College, taught in Japanese.
Students whose Japanese is of a sufficiently high standard can take the courses offered to the regular students of the upper division at the College of Arts and Sciences, with the exception of science courses.

6) Field-work/trips as an integral part of the course work.

All of these are offered under the direction of the distinguished teaching staff of the Komaba Campus, with their broad range of experience. Japanese students will also enroll in the same courses, except for the Japanese language classes and directed independent research.

The minimum coursework requirement for the AIKOM program is 16 credits per semester. Each class is 90 minutes in length, and except for the language classes two credits are given for each class held once a week. The AIKOM Japanese course is offered as a five-credit course and consists of five 90-minutes classes per week.

Courses offered at other University of Tokyo faculties are not open to AIKOM students


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